martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Running for a Marathon

My first marathon will most probably be held next year in February. I have been thinking very seriously about running those mythic 42.192 km in a decent time. I know running the first marathon will be one of my memorable experiences and I truly believe anyone can try it. When it comes to your personal goals, finishing your fist marathon will be your only target. Finishing it in a specific time frame, will come after serious dedication and training.

To finish a marathon in less than 4 hours, for example, it will require a prior year of full preparation, being in weight during most of your work-outs and having achieved a Personal Record (PR) of 46 minutes for a 10km race. However, the training and diet will still count as key elements to
successfully run and enjoy the marathon.

Best tips for training marathons

I have some tips that I have been gathering from different sources:

  1. One should be in shape before attempting to join a full marathon. Reaching this first step can be after 8-9 weeks of training. This is possible for any person without previous experience or condition. After these weeks, anyone will be able to start preparing for a marathon.
  2. Divide your week in 3 to 4 training days except for the previous weeks before the marathon when you will increase the training and intensity.
  3. Alternate different practices (long distance, interval trainings, trail running...) and get used to measure always your time and distance.
  4. Use methods to measure your Heat Rate as it is crucial to avoid over-training.
  5. Join a club or running group. This will help you being consistent and keeping you motivated to run in cold or rainy days.
  6. Avoid competing in training days. You are just training. Try to follow your goal, not the faster members of your group.
  7. Try barefoot running as part of your exercise. This is great after Interval Trainings. Try running on grass some speed exercises after your practice and before the stretching.

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