viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Stellar Town run

Yesterday was a perfect day for running. 18ºC and no wind or rain. Some risk of rain was there though.

The menu was to run 30m x 2 times at pace speed (fast!) but I couldn't join the practice with my running team in Besshonuma Park (別所沼公園). Running in Besshonuma park is the plan for most Thursdays. It's conveniently located near Naka-Urawa station and the complete lap is almost 1km. It's pretty crowded with runners too.

So instead of the menu, I run alone in the neighbourhood. Near Stellar Town, a commercial area which happens to become quite quiet during the evenings (you can also find quiet streets in Japan!). I did 4 laps of 2km each plus 3 km for warm-up and cool-down.

This time I brought my heat rate monitor and could manage to be in the 150-160 bpm most of the time, which was slightly above my target (145 bpm) or 80% of my Maximum Heat Rate.

For the Maximum Heat Rate I am using the formula of 220 minus age, which is a very general approach as it doesn't take into account the heat rate at rest or your physical condition. But it is also quite accurate for men if compared to other formulas. In any case, I am using it as a reference to try not to over-train always. I feel quite comfortable running at 155 bpm but I know I am pushing a bit (for general training). For LSD's or slow jogging I must reduce the speed, and hence the heat rate.

There are many heat rate monitors in the market, and I find it's been one of the best investments so far. I am using Oregon SE 120. In case you are serious about giving running a try, I recommend to buy a simple one and the Oregon works fine.

More advanced wathes can even include in-built GPS like the Garmin Forerunner series, which some of my running friends use. Specially recommended is the Forerunner 305 which has become a bit obsolete in design but still works fine. You can easily find a second hand for 90 Eur.

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